Helpful advices for writing a technology essay

majority-of-students-technology-essayThe majority of students who study at colleges and universities find it difficult to write academic works. There are many types of assignments like diplomas, presentations, and subject essays. Students are usually asked to write at least a couple of essays per term for different science subjects. As we have found out a technology essay is considered to be one of the most challenging types because it requires not only patience and time, but also some research on the topic. Don’t be afraid, we will explain you how to do it! But let’s start from the very beginning.
Every student should know that all types of assignments have specific structures and norms which have to be followed in order to get a high mark. Therefore, any academic subject essay has a standard structure not taking into consideration its specific writing theme.

Essay structure

Generally, the standard essay consists of three main parts: the first part is introduction, the second one – the main part or the body and the last one − conclusion. To begin with, you should state an overall general statement about a suggested subtopic that you are going to write your subject work about. Most of the time, you can put it in two or three well-developed sentences. In the introduction part of the essay you should include some information about the purpose of your essay as well. So, you can describe what you are planning to mention in your work and what the greatest reason for writing your essay work is. Then move to the main part (body) of the written paper. This part has to be the biggest part of your work. The majority of students usually include three or four detailed paragraphs in this part. Here you introduce your main ideas, describe and analyze them properly. In order to add up some improvements you might also have to include some relevant examples to emphasize your points of view.

As we have told already, you can use this format for any topic of your specific subject that you are asked to write such academic work on. By following this structure, you can be sure that your professional tutor will be satisfied with your work as he or she will see that you know how to structure good essays.

Language of technology essay

Although technology essay should be written according to the standard structure, there are some limits concerning the language. Let’s talk about it details.

The language you should use for your technology essay has to be strongly academic. So let’s find out what is meant by the academic language. Firstly, you have to use full verb forms and do not use apostrophes. For example, it is much better to write “technology does not have any bad influence on society” instead of “technology doesn’t have any bad influence on society”. Moreover, you also have to exclude any slang language words and substitute them with formal language alternatives.

The definition of technology

To start with, let’s think of the correct definition of the term “technology”. According to our research, technology is about applying


science knowledge for practical benefits. Furthermore, new technologies drive an industry. In other words, because of the technical

development our world is changing to the better very fast. What is more, these days a significant number of people are having special devices like mobile phones, washing machines, cars and many others that have simplified their daily activities and their lives as general. So, now we know what is meant by the term “technology”. The definition of “technology” would be a great start for your technology essay. You can paraphrase our given definition or do your own research in academic sources.

After this you have to be more focused on what your essay is going to be about. To help you to decide on your specific topic we will suggest you example subtopics that you might like to use. You may also include some statistics or exact data which will highlight your work.

Education and technology

The way technology has simplified the process of education would be a great subtopic for your essay. In this case you might mostly talk about the advantages of technology for students. You can think about your own examples. For instance, thanks to modern technologies, it has become easier to write academic assignments as with the help of the Internet you can find any information you need.

You could include some other great life examples that you are thinking of. By summing up, you come to a conclusion that due to technologies modern students are smarter that they were before.

Medicine and technology

technology-essay-modern-medical-workerAccordingly, if you feel confident in writing about medicine and you are sure that you have an advantage over other students in this area of scientific studies it would be the right subtopic for your technology essay. Here you could mention the advantages that modern medical workers have and how technology has simplified their work. Moreover, it could be mentioned that nowadays modern technologies have a great impact on helping laboratory workers to find solutions for some very serious illnesses like cancer. Some great points could be made; some facts and specific figures could be provided to emphasize your sayings. Furthermore, do not forget that any medical facts have to be exact.

The impact of technology on environment and society

In the main body it is good to mention some examples of technology impacts on environment and society. There we know some advantages such as convenience. However, on the other hand, new technologies cause some damage such as air and water pollutions. In order to get a high mark for your technology essay you must think of a number of some great life examples that signify the correctness of your point. Consequently, sum up your assignment providing an overall conclusion and final statement.

We hope that you will find our suggestions and pieces of advice very useful and helpful! We wish all the students a good luck with their technology essays! And do not forget to check our suggestions for your future assignments!

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