Tips for writing technology essay outline and conclusion

Technology essay often causes a lot of stress as it requires time and patience to write it correctly. Problems usually begin at the very beginning, while thinking of the technology essay outline. We would like to explain you the main peculiarities of this process.

Technology essay outline

technology-essay-expressing-your-thoughts-and-ideasAny essay is started with the introduction. This part suggests that you must write why you have chosen this topic and thesis. It doesn’t suppose to be extremely long and detailed, but still it should be full and laconic. The next part is called the body. It is the main part of your work, so it must include all the data you want to use. Here you can present your arguments, examples, statistics, and other data, which will help you in expressing your thoughts and ideas. The conclusion is the last part of the technology essay outline; therefore you should make here a summary of your supporting information and reach the main idea or message of your paperwork. Some teachers ask students to include one more part – citations, but it may be useful for you only if you have taken something from outside sources of information.
The working up of the outline will not only simplify the process of writing, but also organize your ideas and determine the length of your paperwork. A good technology essay outline is your key to a high mark!
Although the body is appeared to be the largest part of the essay, many students regard the conclusion the most time-consuming and complicated part since it will obtain the desired result of your work or mess it up.

Writing an ideal conclusion

  1. Begin with a small transition. This point is rather optional as not all the types of essays need it. As for the technology essay, it will be a good idea to pay the reader’s attention and write something like this: “In conclusion” or “Finally”.
  2. Add up the main points in a nutshell. Try to paraphrase the topic sentences or rewrite the main ideas. It’s extremely significant to make use of rewriting since it will remind the person, who reads it, what you have talked about before and still make it in a new and renovated way.
  3. Keep it short. There is actually no word limits for the essay conclusion, but don’t make it too long – your teacher won’t be glad to read the continuation of your thoughts for some more pages. So, if you have written about the impact of technology on everyday life and have pointed out some great examples, don’t explain it one more time, don’t try to develop your message, you have already done it in the body. Just sum it all up in 5-7 sentences.
  4. Include a thesis. Your conclusion won’t be full without thesis, especially if it looks a bit degraded in the introduction. Without it you paper won’t seem well-structured and researched, that’s why make efforts to organize it in a correct way.
  5. Be authoritative. Sounding authoritative means that you shouldn’t hesitate in your statements. It is important for the technology essay as this type of work requires some exact data and, of course, opinions. We advise you not to use such phrases as “I think”, “maybe”, “It might be”, and some others if they express uncertainty.
  6. Don’t apologize for your views. It’s better to avoid writing like this: “I’m not a good specialist in” or “That is just my point of view”. It’s your essay and your right to be heard, therefore be objective and confident in your ideas and visions. For instance, you think that a mobile phone is a great device of the 20th century and so don’t hesitate in your vision, just make some great arguments.

While using our pieces of advice for the conclusion and technology essay outline, you have all the chances to get a mark you want. Start writing!

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